Careers at Graff


Graff has operated at the pinnacle of the fine jewellery industry since its foundation in 1960, continuously striving to create an exceptional world of rare talent, expertise and skill. From the master craftsmen in our world-famous atelier, to our exceptional designers, our store personnel or our head office team, all of Graff’s staff are leaders in their field. Our reputation for excellence was forged not by chance but by sharing knowledge, seeking out talent and creating Graff ambassadors and educators at every level of our company.

Opportunities at Graff are wide-reaching, and we are continuously searching for new innovators and experts to join all areas of our business.

A couple wearing Graff diamond jewellery and watch walking away from a Graff boutique

Our Values

Graff was founded as a family business and remains family-run, even today, as a global brand. Our devotion to this family ethos extends to our customers. We become, for however brief, part of some of the most important moments in their lives. We welcome our customers into a rare universe, inviting them to discover the most fabulous jewels in the world, and we ensure that every interaction with and experience of the Graff brand is, much like our diamonds, flawless.

Our People

From the founders, to the designers, to the craftsmen, to the staff in-store, Graff has developed a dedicated team of experts. We support our employees so that they can innovate and evolve, while nurturing their talent and developing their expertise. If you’re looking to join a world-class team at the forefront of cutting and polishing innovation, pioneering design and remarkable retail expansion, we invite you to connect with us.
Interior of the Graff Monaco Hotel de Paris jewellery boutique

Our World

With 60 stores across the globe, the opportunities at Graff are far-reaching and ever-changing. Whether in a regional role working in one of our stores, or working in our Mayfair atelier at the Graff headquarters, we adhere to the same ethos: providing luxury, quality, and unrivalled beauty and rarity to our clients worldwide. Graff is a business that burgeoned from the dreams of just one young man, blossoming over 60 years into an authority on diamonds. We hope to offer the same opportunity to all of our employees, helping them reach their full potential within our global network, across manufacturing, design and creation, marketing, security, retail and brand management.
Career Areas
A diamond flower brooch in the hand of a graff craftsman


A Graff designer handplanting a gouache of an emerald and diamond necklace

Design & Creation

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Close up of famous diamonds in the hands of Mr Laurence Graff


Exterior of the Graff Monaco Hotel de Paris jewellery boutique


Close up of a Graff diamond

Brand Management